Dinosaur Snow Globes

Asher and I made dinosaur snow globes a few days ago. He loves them! He loves anything with dinosaurs really. These were super easy to make, and although they aren't the best quality like you'd see in a store bought snow globe, they are perfect for our boys' little playroom.

Asher has a TON of mini dinosaurs, so we picked out a few and cut their tails shorter so they'd fit in these empty baby foods jars. I used artificial aquarium greenery and rocks and hot glued them to the lid (the base) before hot gluing the dinosaur down. Then I added the water and lastly, the glitter before closing the lid. I let Asher pick out the dinosaurs and color of the glitter. I also painted the lids silver and gold and then put a ring of hot glue around the lid to give it an extra seal!

Overall I think they turned out super cute, but the glitter isn't as heavy as what's used in store bought snow globes, so it floats up to the top and stays there. Next time around, I'll try to find the proper weighted glitter.

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