Our House: The Playroom

Finally! I've found a minute to actually sit down and write something! I've been wanting to post an update for weeks now, but we have been so busy that I can't seem to find the time! And now, I've finally made the time, at 11:45 at night. Seriously, kudos to those people who have successful blogs and post every day. I want this to be a successful blog, but I never imagined how hard it would be to add photos and write a couple of paragraphs every few days.

Life has been busy but that has been a good thing! It's finally Fall! (Imagine me crying tears of joy over here.) The weather is getting cooler, football is on tv and the Halloween decorations are out! I'm so excited about the latter. I will have to share some pics of my Halloween decorations soon. Maybe I'll get that post up by Christmas! Asher has been enjoying preschool, and while he's been there, Ames and I have joined Stroller Strides and are working out 3 days a week for an hour with other moms and babies. It has been really good for us, but it hasn't left me with a lot of extra time to clean the house, get work done, play with the boys and update my blog. But I finally have some time tonight to share the boys playroom with you.

The playroom, for us, was one of the selling features of this house. It is right off the living room and kitchen, and no matter where Drew and I are sitting downstairs, we are close enough to have our own space when we need it but stil be able to monitor the boys while they play.

I knew immediately that the tiled floor needed to be covered with a rug and that I wanted to paint one of the walls with chalkboard paint. I liked the idea of having a wall the boys could color on, but the color of the paint itself was appealing to me alone. Black wall paint can be so classy with the right complimenting colors.

I love the bay window and the natural light that it gives this room. With all the blinds open, you can sit in this room and really feel like you're outside. This is where Asher sits to eat his breakfast and lunch while watching tv or looking out the window at the "going-ons" of the neighborhood.

I love these pictures of the boys. I had both taken with them laying on Drew's college baseball jersey. When we took the picture of Ames, we didn't know at the time that he had a milk allergy. All we knew was that he was very irritable, gassy and colicky and was never comfortable. The only way we could get him to comfortably lie down for this photo was to wrap him up snug like he was still in my tummy.

I just framed these in those $3 black Wal-Mart frames and drew the chalkboard frame around them.

I started a Bulldogs/Falcons collage around the tv on the playroom wall. We still need a few more pieces to fill in some spots. I did this for Drew really... even though this is the playroom. One day when the boys are all grown up, it will be an office/man room, so all of Drew's football art is hanging up here now and will stay there most likely.... unless he stops liking football, or the Bulldogs, or the Falcons, which I highly doubt will EVER happen!

The pieces below that are in the playroom are pieces my dad made us for Christmas last year. He is very talented. He makes all of his art from toungue and groove pine, recycled dock board and driftwood that he finds while he's out fishing. I am really excited to be helping him next month at the Isle of Hope Art Festival where he will have a booth selling a lot of his artwork. If you are local and can make it, you can find the event details here on Facebook or here on the web. Or, if you want a custom piece made, visit my dad's website here where you can see his portfolio and contact him.

Dad, if you read this, you should be excited that I just plugged your work and your website in my not-so-popular blog!

THIS. THIS is what the playroom looks like on a normal day. Toys everywhere, lived in, loved in, played in. Picking up toys has been turned into a once a week task. I mean, why bother doing it every night?!

I hope you enjoyed the tour of the boys' favorite room of the house for sure. Until next time (and hopefully it'll be BEFORE Christmas),

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