Our House: The Breakfast Room

One of the biggest things I take pride in, besides my family and faith, is my home. I try to do so by making sure it is a welcome environment. I love to decorate too so I always like to make every room unique, beautiful and have special touches that represent our family and personalities. Many of my friends comment on how much they love our house and are always asking where I buy certain things. Well, I will say that I don't decorate on a very big budget. And it's hard because I have found that I have epensive taste... and I don't even mean to! So, to combat that, I try to find most of my decorations in antique malls, Goodwill, thrift stores, Home Goods, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Michaels and I try to repurpose things that I already own... especially furniture. Many of the things I decorate with are hand me downs and family heirlooms too, so I just try to think outside of the box and use them in a unique way. I also love to find things on Ebay, Craiglist and even in the yard sale groups on Facebook.

I decided that I would give a little tour of my house over the next few weeks and talk about where I got my pieces from or how I made certain things. So this week, I am starting with our breakfast area. Unfortunately, these days, I don't have a lot of time and usually am taking photos on the go with my iphone, so these pictures aren't the best as far as lighting goes or even quality... but hey, I'm not trying to showcase photography here :)

First I want to start off with these awesome new shelves I had custom made and stained by a good friend of mine named Joe. He also made our trashcan bin which I'll show when I feature my kitchen. He's restained some furniture for me and has made several other trashcan bins as gifts for us. He is very talented at wood-working and you can contact him here on facebook.

These shelves were stained in Ebony and show the grain all the way around. They turned out beautiful and compliment our breakfast area so well!

One thing you'll notice in our house is that I use a lot of milk glass and old jars downstairs... the amount of milk glass I own drives my husband crazy!

The curtains were from TJ Maxx. They are a little too long but I couldn't find them in a shorter length, so I eventually will get these hemmed. The rug was purchased off of Amazon. I REALLY wanted this braided rug in the natural color, but most of these braided rugs are so expensive and out of my budget right now. Maybe one day. SIgh... I settled for a cheaper seagrass rug. It does it's purpose.

My little table was a gift my mom bought for me when I bought my first house years ago. It's a drop down table but we use it with all four seats these days. We eat about 95% of our family meals here.

The little galvanized tray on my table came from Michael's which I got for 40% off, and the pot came from Hobby Lobby. The napkin holder, which is completely out of napkins at the moment, was a $0.99 find at Goodwill. Graphically I thought it was so beautiful. I did some research and apparently it came from a rubber factory in The Netherlands, circa 1937! Pretty cool. It's got a very art nouveau feel to it.

The framed burlap bags on the wall came from Ebay, BurlapFabric.com, and Hobby Lobby.

I hope you enjoyed the first part of my little house tour. Next up will be my dining room which I just redecorated last spring!

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