The Joys of a Messy House

Being home with the boys has been great. Even though it rained a lot this past week and we ended it with a trip to the doctor for all of us, I couldn't have hoped to be anywhere else. Unfortunately, rainy weather and being under the weather calls for staying and playing indoors, which is what we have been doing the past few days. As we got ready for dinner this evening, I couldn't help but notice the mess that has accumulated in our house. There were toys everywhere downstairs, laundry piling up on the couches in the living room waiting to be folded and put away, food stains on the counters (which is a huge peeve of mine), dirty dishes in the sink just waiting for me to empty the dishwasher so I could wash them next, and messy, MESSY floors.

But this weekend was such a great weekend. We did so much as a family, especially today, and I couldn't help but walk through the mess and just smile. For once, instead of getting annoyed with the never ending mess and the stress of never getting caught up, I thought about what that mess means....

That mess means my boys have been playing together all over the house with tons of toys that we are so blessed to be able to buy for them or have family give them as gifts.

That mess means we can afford clothes, lots of them, even though it is a pain to have to wash and fold them. We've been so blessed with friends that have given us so many hand-me-downs for our boys over the past few years as well. I will gladly fold tons of hand-me-downs if it means I don't have to scrape up the money to buy them new clothes every few months as they grow.

That mess in the kitchen? It means we have food on the table and in our fridge, and running water to clean up and cook with.

Drew's work shoes line the guest bathroom wall and even though I hate when they pile up and get dirt all over the floor, the mess they make reminds me how lucky I am to have such a hard-working husband with a wonderful job and that because of him, I can work from home and take care of my boys.

Most importantly, that mess means I have so much traffic in my house, and I'd much rather have lots of messy traffic than be alone. Big feet, little feet and knees move along these floors all day long, and I am so thankful for them. Our two little boys bring so much joy and laughter into this home and the mess those two make reflects that.

Our house feels so much like home. It is so warm and welcoming. It is so lived in. All because of our mess.

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