Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend flew by fast, but really was a great weekend. Friday nights are always pretty lazy for us. We are all always very tired at the end of the week, so staying at home and watching movies with the boys is what we usually end up doing. This past Friday it was The Book Of Life on HBO which was very good, for the kids and adults. Drew got up early Saturday morning to leave for his fishing trip. It was his belated Father's Day gift. He went on a 24 hours offshore trip in North Carolina and won't be home until tomorrow. I'm looking forward to frying up all the awesome fish varieties that he caught! Grouper, Red Snapper, Black Sea Bass... I'm gonna be in heaven.

After Drew left, the boys woke up. It always happens that way. I don't know if it's because the side door that Drew leaves out of is underneath the boys' rooms and it shakes the walls when he slams it shut, but they wake up ALWAYS, as soon as Drew leaves in the morning, whether it be the weekend or during the week when he leaves early for work. So once they woke up, I quickly dressed them, gave them their drinks, packed up little "to-go" breakfasts (bacon, cheerios and muffins in a snack cup) and hit the road to Guyton to stay with my mom. We love going to visit my mom's house. They live in an old pecan orchard with a huge field hay field behind it. The majority of their pecan trees have fallen or been cut down because they are so old, but the yard is so big and there is plenty of room for the kids to run wild.

We spent the morning swimming in the pool with Aunt Michaela and Grandmommy. Ames took a champ 3 hour nap shortly after, so me, Asher and Michaela all went to catch grasshoppers. I gotta brag on myself for a minute... I am amazing at killing and catching bugs with my bare hands! I kill flies all the time with my hands when they get inside. And when I was a little girl, I used to catch butterflies with my hands at my grandma's house. Yesterday was no different. I caught 4 grasshoppers with my hands and Asher was ecstatic. Before anyone gets upset with me, I didn't let them die. We released them before the sun went down! Too bad we don't have fireflies here like when I was little. I don't know what happened, but they decided Coastal Georgia was just too hot, or maybe too windy about 15 years ago, and I haven't seen them down here since. Otherwise I'd be showing Asher how to catch those by hand too!

After Ames woke up, we all went for a ride on the lawn mower. Normally we'd ride the golf cart around the hayfield, but it was out of commission. The lawn mower was even better, except that it didn't go quite as fast! It reminded me of being at one of the pumpkin patches in the fall and riding their little cow trains. Riding around the freshly cut hay in the shade made me even more ready for cooler weather. Only a few more months...

Grandaddy cooked some pork and chicken on the smoker for dinner that night, and Grandmama followed it up with some homemade vanilla ice cream for dessert. I think all of our bellies were so full and our legs were so tired from going nonstop all day. Poor Ames was actually feeling sick again this weekend, and he was exhausted. He was completely hoarse by the end of the day. He called it an early night, and Asher and I weren't too far behind. Unfortunately, sleeping with 2 little ones in the room with me never makes for a fun night of sleep. Ames woke up a few times not feeling so well, and every time he woke up, Asher woke up. Needless to say, I definitely didn't get my beauty sleep that I needed after a day of playing.

We were up early the next morning and headed back to town for Asher's Fishing Awards Ceremony. The weekend before, Papa took us out in the boat for Asher's first fishing tournament. Fishing is definitely in his blood, so we want to get him out there enjoying it as soon as we can! He had a blast. Although, I think he had more fun watching Papa throw the cast net and playing with the fish and shrimp he was bringing in.

Asher had a pretty good time at the Award's Ceremony. It was at Captain Butler's Retreat on Whitemarsh. They had three big Bounce House/Water Slide combos and lots of great food. Anytime the Savannah Sport Fishing Club puts something together, the food is always incredible. Asher received this cute little framed plaque that we will hang in his room, a little flashlight, and his very own net, which he loves so much that he fell asleep on the way home holding it in his hands.

That is some straight up squishy face right there. This was his first time down the slide, so I think he was a little nervous!

Ames was still hoarse and sooo tired, but he was chowing down on the food. So much that he got two outfits messy. I always forget to pack a bib... always. Who knew Ames would become my little good eater.

It was a great weekend, the type of weekend I love. I couldn't imagine anything better than spending time with family. Weekends like these are even better when Drew is home. I know the boys will be excited to see their Daddy. He gets home today and is bringing home a bunch of fish from his trip that I will be cooking up tonight! Grouper Fingers, grits and bacon collard greens will be on the menu tonight.... and I can't wait.

Until next time,

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