Summer-Time Birthdays

Summer is always a great time for birthdays. Growing up, I always envied the other boys and girls who had summer-time parties. People are almost guaranteed to show up because everyone is out of school and parents are usually looking for any excuse to get out of the house with the kids and mingle with other adults. There is always swimming or water guns involved (which is just plain out fun in my opinion). And what other time is it more perfect to have cake and ice cream? My birthday is two days after Christmas, so I rarely ever had a party. My friends were usually out of town for the holidays or spending time with family. And December is cold. No one wants to play outside when it’s cold.

But this isn’t a pity post about how I never got to have fun birthday parties. This is a post about how awesome I think summer parties are, and to share two birthday invitations I just recently created that are perfect for the summer. Pirates and Mermaids are perfect for a birthday bash, especially a joint one like this! And the Hungry Little Caterpillar invitation was a first for me, and such a cute theme. This would actually be great to use year round!

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