Weekend Breakfast Goodies

Me and the family are on vacation in Hilton Head this week. It has been fun, but Ames and Drew have actually been sick with strep throat since we got here, so the first few days were a little rough. We've only been out to eat one night because Ames has been so irritable. Tonight is our last night here so we are gonna try to eat out... fingers crossed!

Even though the vacation didn't turn out exactly like we planned.... meaning no bike rides and not much time at the beach.... it still has been nice to be with my boys. I love seeing Asher and Ames interact and play together. It's been nice taking the boys down to the pool during the days (keeping Ames out for the most part while he's had a fever) and ordering takeout to eat on our condo balcony in the evenings. I've also loved seeing Asher getting comfortable in the water. Each day he is enjoying the pool even more. Ames usually loves the water too, but I think the strep throat has made him too miserable for the most part to enjoy it this time around. He is napping right now and Daddy and Asher are down at the pool playing, so I am quietly typing away. I wasn't planning on posting this week, but since I have some down time right now, I figured I'd share some pictures of our breakfast goodies we made this past weekend, thanks to both of the Mikes in my life... my dad and my stepdad.

Even though our weekend was chaotic with all the packing we had to do for a whole week, I managed to get up and make breakfast both mornings. It's rare that I actually get up early enough to even make breakfast. Usually we are eating cereal, microwaveable bacon or sausage, yogurt or toast. However, my dad gave me some fresh pecans, so I had to make my favorite cinnamon pecan pancakes. They were delicious! I even brought the ingredients with me to HIlton Head to make in the condo! I use the Bisquick Heart Smart batter and just add cinnamon and crushed pecans to the mix. In my opinion, cinnamon makes EVERYTHING taste good! I also used almond milk this time around and the pancakes were still just as tasty. Ames really enjoyed them as well!

Sunday morning I made beignets and they were SOOO good. I wish I had that recipe to share, but my step dad, who hails form the New Orleans area, made the batter and gave it to me. I'm still trying to get the recipe for myself! They seriously tasted just like the beignets from Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans.

I haven't been quite as creative in the cooking department this week, even though our condo has a full kitchen. Aside from making pancakes the first day, we've been doing quick and easy breakfasts... like microwaveable stuff, and eating takeout or sandwiches the rest of the time. I mean, it is vacation. I'm gonna be as lazy as I can in some areas.

Until next time,

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