Repurposed Step-Stool Tutorial

Asher has a super cute step-stool in our upstairs bathroom that my mom got him for Christmas two years ago. He uses it all the time to brush his teeth and wash his hands, but we really needed another one for our downstairs bathroom as well. My brothers and I had a really cute stool when I was little that said "Step up to be tall, sit down to be small." I loved that stool. It was one of those things from your childhood that you easily forget about it until you see it in an antique store and suddenly you are reminded of it again and all the good memories surrounding it rush back. Memories like standing up on the stool at the kitchen sink to help do dishes, sitting down on that same stool during time out, and smashing water balloons under my butt as a child on that very stool, hoping to win the water-balloon race (the latter is a whole other fun story in itself.)

So I set out to the 67 Antique Mall with the boys, my mom and my sister one afternoon searching for a stool I could repurpose. I didn't take a "before" picture of the one I ended up finding, but it was an old Pennsylvani Dutch style step-stool, and well, let's just say that I'm not into that style at all. If you aren't familiar with Pennsylvania Dutch art, here are a few step stools I found on ebay that look very similar to the one I bought.


I wanted to make the stool white to match our guest half-bath downstairs, but I wanted it to have darker writing. I also did not want to free-hand the writing, so I decided I would take the stencil approach, but using stickers instead of stencils.

First, I sanded the stool to get the hand painted design off so the surface would be smooth. Next, I spray painted the stool navy blue, then laid out the stickers, with the backs still on, in order to get the saying straight and lined up. Once I got the words centered and straight, I put applied the stickers on the wood.


Then, I spray painted the stool white, waited a few minutes, then removed the stickers to expose the navy blue paint that was underneath. After the white paint dried, I lightly sanded the edges to make it distressed and give it the antique finish I wanted it to have.


After I distressed it, I even went back with some white and light teal paint to give the stool a little more texture. I think it turned out great and matches the bathroom perfectly. Asher is so funny. He loves this stool already. Anytime he wants something off the counter, he doesn't even ask for it. He just goes and grabs his stool and brings it in the kitchen so he can grab what he wants.. That might not be a good thing though!



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