Last Minute 4th of July Treats and Decorations

June was a busy month for us and that always makes the time go by fast. Both of our boys had surgery and Ames' was sick twice. Those hard times and non-stop movement of parenthood made things seem like they flew by. And here we are, July 1st. A new month with a big holiday coming up this weekend, and I haven't even decorated my house or planned anything to make for the family celebration we have at my mom's this weekend. One minute it was Easter and boom, (like a firework) it's almost the 4th!

We typically spend the evening of July 3 with my Dad watching the fireworks in his boat at the Yacht Club. There is always great company and good food. My dad always knows how to throw a great party. (It's not hard to do when you are a great cook with a knack for telling tall tales!) The fireworks on Friday will be Ames' first experience with them, and I am pretty nervous to see how he does! Saturday we will head up to the country and spend the day at my mom's, swimming, eating BBQ and spending the majority of the day outside with my family. It doesn't take much to satisfy out family when it comes to this holiday. As long as there is a lot to eat, we are good! My personal must list for the 4th of July includes this:

-Waterguns and/or Water Balloons

-Swimming in the pool or at the beach


-Boiled peanuts (duh)

-My mama's sweet tea

-Homeade Ice Cream



...and most importanly:


Since I don't have much time between now and Friday to make anything too elaborate to eat for this weekend, I plan on trying one of these easy recipes. Many just require buying the already festive colored ingredients and assembling:


This looks really good. I may even try a watermelon salad with some basil, goat cheese and balsamic vinegar drizzled on top for something a little more savory.

red-white-and-blue-rice-krispies-treat-stars .jpg

All of these desserts look pretty easy to make. I especially like the rice krispy treat stars. You can find the recipe here.

If you're having a get together at your home but don't have much time to make or buy decorations, here are a few easy decorations you can make using the following items that most people already have in their home:




-food coloring

-candles or tealights

-red, white and blue paint (okay, this one you might have to stop and buy while you're out)


This last idea is something I definitely plan to make... maybe not by this weekend, but possibly by Veteran's Day! I have a perfectly good pallet that needs some attention, and this would be great!


I hope these help and keep you from showing up at your celebration empty handed. Whatever you choose to do, and however you plan on celebrating our Country's birthday, have a wonderful Fourth of July, and be safe!


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