Our experience with Asher's first surgery

So normally I like to write about the creative things going on in my life, but today marks my first mommy/parent post which I think more people can probably relate to. Asher had his tonsils and adenoids removed last Thursday, and it was definitely an eye opening experience. For the first time, I was able to see through my mother's eyes and to be the one that another solely depended on when they were downright miserable. It is a hard job, but the past few days, I've tried to remember what I wanted from my own mom all those times when I had surgery or when I was very sick. This has resulted in a lot of holding and snuggling my 2 year old while handing the baby off to Daddy 75% of the time, having Asher hang on to my leg while I'm trying to cook dinner, or go walk to the bathroom, and letting him fall sleep on me. I must admit, the latter hasn't been so bad. Asher is much like his Daddy and has never been a huge cuddler. But man has this surgery changed that. I don't know how we're going to get him back to sleeping in his own bed because right now, he won't even nap unless he falls asleep with his head on my chest and holding my hand. But it's pretty sweet considering I haven't been able to cuddle him since he was a baby! And it's actually been some of the best sleep for both of us since the surgery. I told Drew that we should consider removing his tonsils if it'll make him more cuddly like this.


We had to be at the hospital Thursday morning at 5:30, and the surgery was underway by 7:15. The morning was not the easiest though. Ames has been very sick all last week, and he was only getting worse by the day. He woke up at 4am Thursday morning with a 104 fever... day 5 of being sick. I had to quickly jump in the shower to bring his fever down, gave him medicine, gave him a bottle and got him back to sleep just in time to hand him off to Drew's mom and be out of the door by 5 am. I hated leaving him. But I knew my mother-in-law would take great care of him.

We were treated so great in the hospital. Memorial is a great hospital with amazing nurses, but I think the fact that Drew works there almost every day and knows all of the hospital staff, anesthesiologists and nurses helped us a bunch. They really took care of us and our anesthesiologist even checked in quite a bit while Asher was in recovery, making sure he was comfortable. It was neat to see behind the scenes wher Drew works too.

Asher was a trip in pre-op. Once they gave him the medicine that sedated him, he was acting like a little drunk man. He was trying so hard to play with his toys but couldn't move quite right and couldn't keep his eyes open. He had me and Drew laughing so much. I felt terrible for laughing at him, but it was so cute. He was smiling so big and making his dinosaur noises all why trying to keep his eyes open and not fall over. However, an hour later in recovery, he was miserable. He wasn't able to rest until they gave him a small amount of morphine. He slept on my chest until they moved us to our room. After getting his vitals checked and getting us situated in our room for the overnight stay, Asher finally fell back asleep on my chest. He slept a lot that first day. He would wake up occasionally when the nurse came to check vitals, and when he had visitors, but he really didn't get out of that groggy post anesthesia phase until later that afternoon, when one of the nurses brought him some dinosaurs to play with. This boys is obsessed with dinosaurs right now. It was cars and airplanes last year. I wonder what it'll be by his third birthday.


This picture of him in his bed makes me so sad. He looks so tiny and pitiful. He is getting better every day though. The first day he didn't want to eat or drink much at all. It's ironic... before his surgery, all he wanted to eat was yogurt, cheese, goldfish and applesauce. Oh, and chicken fingers of course. But he mainly likes to eat soft stuff, so I thought managing his eating afterwards would be a breeze. But to our surprise, he is only wanting to eat what we eat. He's was tired of yogurt, popsicles and apple sauce after the first day. Go figure! I'm just praying he'll start eating better once his throat is healed. And I'm really praying he doesn't lose much weight because he is already a little string bean. His breath is atrocious right now and his nose is so runny, but I think that is normal after this type of surgery,

We are 4 days post-op and his pain is still there, but manageable. He gets medicine every 6 hours, and really he seems fine and will eat well until hour 6. Then it's time for another dose. But I think ever since we got home, he has been on the mend. The nurses asked us before we were discharged Friday if I thought he would be better off staying in the hospital until he could eat and drink better. But he was miserable having to stay in that hospital bed. When they took the IV out of his arm, it was all I could do to keep him from running out the door every 10 minutes. We still had to wait on our discharge papers, so we found the playroom on the pediatric floor. My sweet boy came to life and I knew he was ready to go home! And can I just say, it took him 30 seconds to find the little plastic box that held all of the matchbox cars in that huge playroom. I was pretty impressed.


Yesterday was the first day Asher went outside to play. He was feeling great, until naptime was near. He gets exhausted easily. We sat on the porch and ate watermelon while Daddy chased down the Nerf darts that Asher was shooting in the yard. Yes, my 2 year old has a Nerf Gun already. That was all Daddy's idea. As for Ames, he has been feeling great ever since my mother-in-law took him back to the doctor Thursday. They gave him an antiobiotic shot, even though the NP he saw didn't think it was a bacterial infection, and then followed it up the next day with a 10-day antibiotic prescription. He has been better ever since that initial shot, so it just seems like it had to have been a bacterial infection.


I seriously couldn't have gotten through all of this without this sweet husband of mine or his mom. I love them both so much.


Tonight is the first night that Drew won't be home until very late, so I'm praying that Asher is not too clingy and will let me put him and his brother to bed. Otherwise, it's gonna be a crazy night. I'm praying we can get through these next few weeks with nothing but improvement, better eating, less pain, weight gain, and a little less fussiness coming from both our babies. Asher is crying right now because the pillow on the couch is touching him... So, yeah. A girl can dream.


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