Easy Goldfish Lanterns

I've been meaning to post this quick little tutorial for a few days, but we've been busy over here in the Grosse household. Drew and I were out of town for what was supposed to be a few days, but Ames got very sick, so we had to cut our trip short and come home to get him. He is still pretty miserable and not giving me a whole lot of time to get stuff done when he is awake. When he is sleeping, I am working from home, and only after I am caught up with work do I get to do my freelance work and blogging. My house is a royal mess and we still haven't unpacked much since we've been home!

Asher is having his tonsils and adenoids removed Thursday, so this will be my only blog this week I'm sure, unless I have some time in the hospital to get on the computer. For now, I wanted to share how I made the little goldfish lanterns I made for Ames' party. You could really do these in any color, and you could probably make any other animal. Frogs would be cute, but it would require more cutting of the posterboard. Owls would be adorable too! But for goldfish, here is what you will need:

-yellow paper lanterns (I found mine at Hobby Lobby)

-orange poster board

-googly eyes from any craft store

-hot glue gun


-one adorable little kiddo to help, or watch, depending on their age. Hot glue is not safe for children so I made sure Asher didn't get anywhere near that and despite the proximity of the scissors in the pic below, he was not allowed to touch them.


The first thing to do is assemble all of your lanterns. Pretty simple.

Next, you'll want to trace the lips and tails for each different sized goldfish. I just eyed it. I held the posterboard up next to the lantern to see how big I thought the lips and tail should be. I cut them out after tracing them, then folded a small area at the base where the piece attaches to the fish. I put some hot glue on the folded piece then attached it to the lantern. I held it in place until the glue cooled.


Lastly, glue the googly eyes on the fish and you're finished! Just hang in your desired location with fishing wire. These are such an inexpensive and adorable decoration to use at any party or even in a child's bedroom.


If you're up for the challenge, send me a picture of your lantern creation, whether it's a goldfish or another animal or object, and I'll feature them on my blog!


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