A Beer Themed Wedding!

Happy Hump Day! I’m so glad it’s Wednesday. Now that I’m back to working full-time, I look forward to the weekends much more so I can spend time with my sweet hubby and babies. I do get some time with them in the evenings, but with me freelance designing and blogging again, I find myself working more and more in the evenings. And on top of that, I’ve been crafting, coloring and planning for Ames’ birthday party this weekend. I’ll be sure to put that on the blog next weekend. People always ask me when I have time to get all of these things done and the answer to that is “I don’t sleep enough.” I go to bed way too late, but I have always been that way and I think it’s genetic. I bet every woman in my family is a night owl. We actually had a conversation about it on my cousin’s Facebook post yesterday. But it’s true, and that’s how I manage to accomplish everything I have in mind. I am definitely not an early morning person, so I’d much rather stay up until midnight than wake up at 5am to get things done.

This past week, I’ve been working on a wedding invitation and rsvp postcard for a bride in New Jersey. (BTW, thank you to one of my Facebook friends… you know who you are… who saw the post her sister-in-law put on Facebook searching for a designer and thought of me and sent me a message. I’m so glad you did b/c I’ve enjoyed working on this invitation.) It’s for a German/Brewery themed wedding which is really cool. I’ve never done one like this before.


This is the invitation the lady found online that she liked, but after looking at my Etsy shop, she really wanted to go the vintage route that I specialize in. The tricky part is that her colors are bright blue and yellow… very modern, and very Dutch, in my opinion. Anyhow, these are the two invitations that I designed for her. I was trying to keep with the brewery theme, and do something suitable for the fall since her wedding is in November. The first features a border similar to a Jack Daniels bottle. It’s pretty simple otherwise. I really like to play with typography and glyphs and like the uniqueness of my design to be seen there.


The second design, which was ultimately the one she decided on, was similar except for the bright blue background with the faded wheat stalks on top. I designed a matching postcard to go with it. I think it turned out nice and the bride loved it, which is exactly what I hoped for.




I’ll have to ask her to share some pictures of her wedding. I’d love to see how she decorates the Brewery for the reception! Here are a few ideas that I found online that would be a great start to an inspiration board. I love the idea of silver vintage beer steins filled with flowers.















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