Family Photos

Our family had our first family photo session since Asher was 6 months old. Poor Ames has been sick pretty much since birth and we haven't had a good opportunity, but we finally got a chance to take some photos with all four of us! I took pictures of Asher ALL THE TIME and even had professional pictures done when he was a baby... ALL THE TIME. It's true what they say about the second baby. They get neglected in the sense that you don't write everything down in their baby book anymore, you don't make as many videos, you don't get pictures made every chance you get, and sometimes you don't even change their diaper every 30 minutes like you did with the first baby. You wait until the diaper sag hits the knee! But sometimes it's because you realize what's important and you know better.

Below are the lovely photos by Brooke Armendinger, owner of Brooke Ashley Photography. If you're looking for a talented, reasonably priced photographer who is very upbeat and friendly and makes you feel like you've known eachother for years, I'd definitely recommend Brooke! Our session was the first time we'd met and I could've talked to her for hours had we not had photos to take! Plus she was awesome with my boys and somehow, amazingly, got Asher to smile ALL day.

I hope you enjoy!

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