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The past few days have been exciting for me. I've been working on launching my new website, logo and blog and I still have lots of work to do. But being the anxious person I am, and knowing that my best friend is probably just as eager to see her baby shower pics from this past weekend, I decided to go ahead and at least launch the blog portion of my website so I could share all of these great happenings, and I couldn't be more excited!

For the past 2.5 years I've been in full mommy mode. I still find a way to get out my creativity every day, but I don't get to share it as often as I'd like... or as often as I used to. I decided it was time to give my Facebook Timeline, and my friends' Facebook Newsfeeds a break, and get back to blogging. I'm excited to have a place solely dedicated to sharing my creative lifestyle, whether it's pictures of the latest baby shower I threw with all of the cute details, or the new recipe I tried out for dinner (b/c let's be honest... cooking can certainly be a form of creative expression), or the new room I just decorated in my house. I also am looking forward to picking up the pace with my freelance design now that my sweet baby boy is back in daycare and on the mend. I've missed it so much. I'm working on two invitations right now that I hope to share on the blog in the next few weeks. One is a birthday invitation for one of my best friend's two kids, and the other is a German Stein themed wedding invitation which should be a lot of fun. Until then, thank you so much for visiting and I hope you enjoy my blog posts and website once it is finished.

Below are some of my favorite picures and moments from Christina's baby shower this past weekend. She is expecting her first child, a little girl. I get so excited for little girl showers b/c I don't get to decorate with much girly stuff in my house these days!


Christina's nursery is mainly grey and lavender, so those are the colors I decorated with. The flowers came from Kroger, and I got the tin canisters on sale at Michael's. I used mason jars as cups and I found the lavender polka dot straws, solid lavender name tags and silver and white twine at Michael's as well. Michael's recently added two new isles in their Savannah store that is all color coordinated wedding and party decorations. So cute!


I got the fabric penant from The Spotted Barn on Etsy and the "Sweet Baby Girl" banner was from Two Girls Paper Design on Etsy. Isn't Christina's tummy so little! She's 32 weeks and looks incredible!




The food was delicious. My friend Mary Ann handled the catering. Simply Southern Catering out of Rincon, GA did most everything. It was delicious and so affordable. Catering is definitely the way to go when you work full-time or have littles running around you all the time. I love to cook, but one less thing to have to do yourself is key, especially if you're not losing money by doing it. We would've spent just as much on groceries if we had cooked everything ourselves.


The cupcakes were Betty Crocker and were delicious! I made my own buttercream using Wilton's recipe, and piped on the icing using the largest piping bag and star tip I could find. I ordered the little purple fondant flowers here on Etsy. Seriously... you can buy so much on Etsy!



Can you tell that this mommy is really into sports? Especially her Georgia Bulldogs! This baby girl is gonna be decked out in the cutest gear come football season. Check out the awesome State of Georgia with the Georgia "G" on it that my dad made to match her nursery. He's pretty amazing. He just needs to retire and fish and do carpentry for a living!


What a great shower this turned out to be! It was nice to reunite with old friends from high school and celebrate my sweet friend. I can't wait to meet her baby girl in July, especially so I can find out what her name is gonna be and whether or not she's gonna have red hair like her daddy!

Until next time!


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